Sunday, 14 May 2017

The Tory deficit

So, another month, another election campaign. Cambridge is a two horse race again, this time there is no dispute on which parties are the two horses, as in the little snippet I scanned from the latest LibDem leaflet. But what about that black arrow over the blue bar? That's what I call 'the Tory deficit'. Not the financial deficit but the one of votes. Or is it?
Let's think about this. The black arrow would bring the Cons up to about 34%. Then the total would be 34+35+36=105% and that's without counting the small parties. I'm also not convinced the bars start from zero, but it's quite hard to compare the length of the arrow against the length of the bars. 
In terms of electoral rhetoric, 'Jeremy Corybn's (sic) candidate' is an interesting choice. Julian Huppert very much lost in 2015 because he was 'Nick Clegg's candidate'. Of course the Liberals are pushing the argument a bit too much by saying (in a previous leaflet that went to recycling without stopping by the scanner) 'Don't vote Tory, you might get Corbyn! 

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