Sunday, 27 May 2018

Spatial filtering by distance in km from a known point

 Tableau has supported the circular select tool for a few versions now. So the lazy way out is to use this select option, click at the known point on the map and then drag watching the radius of the circle until it reaches the desired value (tip: change the workbook locale to English Ireland for it to be in kilometres rather than miles). This only works for small distances though, what if you want to be a zoom level further out and look at hundreds and thousands of kilometres, or even use this distance to do something else such as filtering?

Let's port the haversine formula into Tableau

Assuming our fixed point is at 52N 0E (consider using parameters with lists of values if you have several points of interest), we create a calculated field step_1:

sin(radians(52-[Latitude])/2) * sin(radians(52-[Latitude])/2) +
        cos(radians([Latitude])) * cos(radians(52)) *
        sin(radians(0-[Longitude])/2) * sin(radians(0-[Longitude])/2)

Then the distance in km from the point defined in step 1 is given by:

2*[R] * atan2(sqrt([step_1]), sqrt(1-[step_1]))

Where R has been defined as the radius of the earth in km: 6371.

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