Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Tableau repositioning itself with regards to data preparation

For those of us that used Tableau for years, the changes in every version always seem to remove some need for external tools/code for data preparation. Think of the introduction of filled maps, the union feature, the excel data interpreter, the pivot and split, the spatial file connector (don't mention the pdf connector!). While certain Tableau partners/consultants are still keen on the Tableau-Alteryx stack, I'm not convinced of its long term market viability, and neither was Gartner last time I checked. The latest announcement on Project Maestro is a rather aggressive move from Tableau's side into traditional Alteryx territory.

If you do want my advice, learn some basic scripting, some coding, regular expressions, some unix or even good editor skills. You can only go so far with 'friendly tools' and you still have to spend a lot of effort learning them, so you might as well learn an open source transferable skill instead.   

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