Sunday, 12 November 2017

Working with Eurostat unemployment data in Tableau

Eurostat publishes among other things, unemployment data for the EU. The data is in a weird format, a hybrid between tab and comma separated values.
Having turned it into proper comma separated format, we remove the colons and pivot the years to get a more tableau friendly format:
While the year and quarter can be split, a dateparse calculation is more helpful:
dateparse("yyyy'Q'q",[Pivot Field Names])
 This finally allows us to do some analysis, looking at the unemployment trend for the ten countries of the 2004 accession. Cyprus which I've chosen to highlight is a definite outlier.
It had relatively low unemployment before entering the EU, has a fairly mild recession until the greek PSI when unemployment rises and rises, until the final bail in and associated bank collapse in 2013. This was a double dip, or in the case of unemployment, double peak situation, with the situation improving only to become worse again around the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015. Croatia was the only country of the group in a worse situation until Q3 2016 when the two cross over.  

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