Thursday, 23 February 2017

Re-Make Thursday

Not a makeover this time but a re-make. The data comes from my local council: They collect the recycling and the rubbish on alternate weeks, and because the collection day is a Monday, it gets collected later in the week when there are bank holidays. The colour scheme they selected is very sensible: colour by bin colour, stronger colours for the weeks when the collection happens later because of bank holidays.

I thought I could do it with a calculated field that calculates odd and even weeks
float(DATEPART( 'week', [Collection Days])/2 - int(DATEPART( 'week', [Collection Days])/2))
and colour by that and by whether it's Monday or not
DATEPART('weekday', [Collection Days])=2
However, the coloured box with text in it only works if the colour is driven by a continuous variable, rather than by a discrete one (or a discrete and a boolean, as in my original plan).

So we have to colour by a continuous variable, and counter-intuitively, the dark colours are at the two ends and the light colours in the middle. The mark is square and the label is the date.
if [odd even week]=0 and not [Monday?] then 0.0 elseif [odd even week]=0 and [Monday?] then 1.0 elseif [odd even week]=0.5 and [Monday?] then 2.0 elseif [odd even week]=0.5 and not [Monday?] then 3.0 end 

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