Friday, 10 March 2017

Open Data Camp

The 2017 Open Data Camp was at the end of last month in Cardiff. I was told about it in a semi-private exchange with Chris Love. I couldn't make it, but a lot of information is online, the session grid gives you a good overview and links to any info published online. See 'Open data for newbies' for a quick introduction to the subject, among other things it makes the vital distinction between public and open data. Data in pdf seems to be the running joke, though last I heard, Tableau is promising a pdf connector!

There are some fascinating sessions, such as 'how to get 1 million people speaking welsh', which of course begs the question of how can you define, measure and model the growth of welsh speakers. There's also a minecraft session, unsurprising, I've seen a demonstration of LiDAR data in Minecraft in last year's Cambridge Dorkbot.

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